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電気通信関連設備工事・各種電気設備工事・光通信ネットワ ーク・携帯電話を中心としたモバイルネットワーク等 ITシステム事業などの事業領域までを常に安全を念頭におき 長年にわたり培った豊富な経験と高度な技術力で最適なトータルソリューションを提供し スマート社会の未来へ向かって重要な役割を果たしてまいります。              




代表取締役社長 須田 浩二

Since its founding, we have built a lot of trust with firm reliable technology and safe response capabilities for companies and customers.

Contributing to the construction of information and communication work and social infrastructure, boasting a number of construction achievements, including information communication engineering etc.

Always keep safety in mind as far as the business areas such as telecommunications related facilities construction, various electrical equipment construction, mobile network mainly in optical communication networks and mobile phones, IT system business, etc., with extensive experience and high altitude cultivated over many years With technical force,
We will provide optimal total solution and will play an important role towards the future of smart society.

We would like to be a company that constantly grows with companies and customers with the latest technology and honest responsiveness.

      【 If you achieve it now you will see the future 】   Chief Executive Officer  Koji  Suda

【 今を達成すれば未来が見えてくる 】  

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